10 Things To Consider Before Renting A Bounce House


Bounce houses are a popular addition to children’s birthday parties, family gatherings, and other events. They provide a fun and safe way for children to play and get some exercise. However, before you rent a bounce house, there are several things you should consider to ensure a successful and safe event. Here are 10 things to consider before renting a bounce house:

  1. Space: The first thing to consider is the amount of space available for the bounce house. You need to make sure that you have enough room to accommodate the bounce house and any necessary safety equipment. Most bounce houses require a flat surface with at least 20 feet of clearance in all directions.
  2. Age of the Guests: The age of the guests is another important factor to consider. Bounce houses are typically designed for children aged 12 and under, so if you have older children or adults attending your event, you may need to consider renting a larger bounce house or another type of inflatable.
  3. Type of Surface: The type of surface on which you place the bounce house is also important. Bounce houses should only be placed on a flat, level surface, and not on gravel, rocks, or other rough surfaces. If you do not have a suitable surface, you may need to rent a portable flooring system to provide a level surface.
  4. Weight Limit: Bounce houses have weight limits, which vary depending on the size and type of bounce house. You should ensure that you know the weight limit of the bounce house you are renting and make sure that all guests adhere to it.
  5. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can impact the safety and enjoyment of your bounce house rental. Wind and rain can make the bounce house unsafe to use, and extreme heat can cause discomfort for guests. Be sure to check the weather forecast before renting a bounce house and have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather.
  6. Safety Features: When renting a bounce house, you should make sure that it has all the necessary safety features, such as safety netting, anchor points, and entrance and exit ramps. The rental company should be able to provide you with a safety checklist to ensure that the bounce house meets all safety standards.
  7. Power Source: Bounce houses require a constant source of power to operate the blower that inflates them. You should make sure that you have a suitable power source nearby or rent a generator if necessary.
  8. Rental Company Reputation: Not all bounce house rental companies are created equal. You should research the rental company’s reputation and read reviews from previous customers to ensure that they have a good track record for safety, cleanliness, and customer service.
  9. Insurance: Bounce houses can be dangerous if not used properly, so you should make sure that the rental company has liability insurance in case of accidents. You should also consider purchasing additional liability insurance to protect yourself and your guests.
  10. Setup and Take Down: Finally, you should make sure that the rental company will set up and take down the bounce house for you. This will ensure that it is properly installed and that you do not have to worry about dismantling it yourself.

In conclusion, renting a bounce house can be a great addition to any event, but it is important to consider these 10 factors before doing so. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of your guests.


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